About me

Hello, my name is Alexandros Kleitsas and I come from a village in the mountain region of Meteora. My family, 20 years now, maintains a biological products business which started from the the will to convey the importance of healthy nutrition as a way of living.

Our interest in orodecting the environment through the dissemination of organic farming and ecology led our attention to everything that comes from the earth not only out of respect towards the nature's wisdom but also out of interest towards its secrets. In this was Koniskos became our paradise. An all yellow carpet of blooming st john's wort flowers is the first image that someone sees when approaching the village, opposite the huge rocks of Meteora.

These stimuli and my personal awareness of environmental awareness led me in studying Agronomy and in particular Organic Agriculture at the Technological Institude of Cephalonia.

In early 2006, I had the pleasure as a guest of the club of organic products to attend the EP in Brussels debate on genetically modified products (GM) and their impact on health and the environment, which resulted in becoming even more fervent fan of organic farming. In the summer of 2013 I returned to beautiful Koniskos and I set up with love and passion a scientific processing unit of st john's wort flowers, with all the required inspection and certification in order for the product to have the desired results, the safety and the quality guarantee. Knowledge and care is required in order for the hypericin (the basic substance of st john's wort flowers), to give the maximum of their properties.

With care, perseverance and scientific knowledge in the cultivation and manufacture of st john's wort oil, the popular Greek saying 'what you give that's what you will eventually get' because practical effort for us in order for the products to acquire a name that suits them perfectly and become "DIMITRA" products ispired by the ancient goddess of agriculture.