St. John’s Wort Oil with birch and plankton extract

 St. John’s Wort Oil with birch and plankton extract against  cellulite
Against cellulite 50ml

DIMITRA St. John’s Wort Oil with organic ingredients in combination with the miraculous birch and essential oils of frankincense, rosemary and lavender combats effectively and naturally the edematous cellulite. The plankton extract is used to combat cellulite and targeted weight loss.

The product has excellent results when applied in vigorous circular motions, twice a day, penetrating deep into the skin, therefore, improving blood circulation and encouraging the natural drainage of the lymph.

The results are already visible after the third week of treatment, especially if combined with a diet rich in water and fruit along with some physical exercise.

Thanks to its fine texture, this oil does not leave greasy skin, it is easily absorbed, making the skin moisturised, soft and shiny