Soap with olive oil, St. John Wort Oil and sea algae 85 gr.

Soap for the hands and body. 85gr

The Soap DIMITRA is ideal for the cleansing of the hands & body.

The sea algae are used for the combat against cellulite and local fat.

 It boosts skin elasticity, making it soft and hydrated.

Rich in vitamin E, it reverses the aging procedure & it makes the skin more radiant. As a powerful antioxidant, vitamin E protects the collagen fibres, it relieves from dryness and promotes skin softness. It combines the nutritious qualities of olive oil with the soothing and antiseptic qualities St. John’s Wort Oil. It acts as natural hydration which contributes to the preservation of the natural freshness of the body.

It does not cause irritations.

Suitable for all skin types.