Castor Oil

Castor Oil
For all skin types 100ml


To be used in Aromatherapy and Cosmetology

Castor Oil offers multiple benefits to the hair and eye – lashes, due to the high level of Vitamin E. It nourishes the fibers of the hair, boosts the hair follicles and enhances the hair growth, thanks to the Ω6 fatty acids. In addition, it is considered suitable for the combat against dandruff and relieves us from the itching scalp, restoring the skin hydrolipidic blocking. Furthermore, its penetration, owing to its low molecular mass, makes it suitable for the deep cleansing of the skin, the high hydration level and the collagen and elastin natural production. It can be further applied on the nails for protection and boosting, and on the lips for deep hydration and shining. It exhibits unique anti - inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities against severe skin conditions, such as acne and eczemas, as it contains ricinoleic acid, in which there is rich composition in Ω9 fatty acids.


· Massage the scalp and leave it to act for at least one hour, though most effective would be to leave it for the whole night. Afterwards, wash your hair as usual.

· You can drop some Castor Oil on a cotton swab and apply it on your eye – lashes and eye – brows every night.

· For skin problems, soak a piece of cotton in some Castor Oil and apply on the spot you need to, preferably every night.