Almond oil 100% natural product

For all skin types 1l

It is traditionally used by the aromatherapists for massage and as a basis for the essential oils mixture. It is suitable for the face and body skin care. It offers hydration and nourishment for the fatigued skin. It is rich in A, E, K, B1, B2, B6 vitamins, minerals, trace elements and fat acids. Ideal for hydration, dry skin and marks on the body.

Moreover, it is suitable for de-making-up the face and eyes. It removes all kinds of make-up. It is smooth on the sensitive area around the eyes and suitable for the eyelashes, as it strengthens and nourishes them, thereby preventing their  falling down. 

Furthermore, it is an excellent nourishment for the hair. It acts effectively against dandruff, dry skin and broken tips, moisturizing the hair. It offers healthy and shiny hair, which grow out fast.

It relieves dry nails and cuticles.

It is suitable for massage against baby’s dry skin