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I practice the profession of reflexology and I work with oils, mainly Balsam oil and Arnica. Balsam "DIMITRA" is one of the oils I use and I do not want to change it for the reasons stated below.

For a week, I had to cancel all my appointments to try several alternative therapies. I could not cancel my appointments for another week so I decided to use the Balsam oil "DIMITRA" to put on my hands during work.

My personal observation is the huge difference in its density and color. Clearly, it appears that the producer is not stingy with the wort and has used a large amount into the oil.

The result was that on the third day I was using it on my work, I realized that my hand did not hurt at all. Then, I started talking to my patients about the Balsam oil and this is what they reported to me. A girl stopped suffering from the carpal tunnel syndrome and another one drank it twice due to stomach problems and she never had problems again.

Elli Katsouli

Graduate therapist (CMT, Reiki Master, Aromatherapist)

I undoubtedly trust to use, in my profession, to patients and to myself the Balsam oil "DIMITRA".

As a professional, massage therapist graduate of the neuromuscular system and aromatotherapist, after a long experience in using this balsam oil, I am absolutely certain that the oil is highly effective. Particularly, it is essentially beneficial in cases of muscle aches, joint pains and inflammation. Specifically, this particular organic mixture is highly absorbable, fast-acting in alleviating pain, leaving the skin hydrated and soft.


I use this oil every night before bedtime for the care of myself, which relieves me from muscular pains and the fatigue of the day. I highly recommend this product to anyone interested in maintaining their neuro-muscular system calm.

Dr. Christos Ch. Liapis for st john wort

Christos Ch. Liapis, MD, MSc, PhD Psychiatrist - Doctor of University / University of Athens

In recent celebration in Koniskos, municipality of Kalampaka, I was given the opportunity to be informed about the available products from St John's wort, (the familiar wort). The products are produced there by the Manufacture «DIMITRA» of Alexander Kleitsa.

This is about a remarkable business and development action which utilises the power of nature of our homeland, matched with the innovative entrepreneurship that promotes tradition. This is a combination of business initiative, hope and growth, against the recession and the continuing deterioration of our daily lives.

Morever, I note, as a psychiatrist who must also convey the correct medical information to the public that the wort, (St John's worth) acts in a similar way to that of SSRIs, namely antidepressants called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Their use increases serotonin availability at nerve synapses and that is how mood improvement as well the consequent remission of various symptoms, like sleep disorders and exacerbations of certain autoimmune skin diseases, are explained.

Therefore, its use, especially by people with psychiatric history or active feeling disorder, should be subject to medical instructions.

Christos Ch. Liapis, MD, MSc, PhD

Psychiatrist - Doctor of University / University of Athens