The balsam

St john wort oil with organic ingredients "DIMITRA"

St john wort oil with organic ingredients "DIMITRA"

In Greek tradition, and not only in it, from generation to generation, for what is soothing for body and soul, the phrase "it's like balsam." is said. This extraordinary gift from mother nature , that has the name "DIMITRA" (from the goddess of earth) we immersed with certain ratio in certified organic cold-pressed olive oil to deliver the utmost beneficial properties and made our balsam oil.

The sunshine and the territory of Greece favors the flourishing of balsamic herb . The flowering and harvest are taking place ​​only during the summer, and mixing it with olive oil is made the same time with harvest, before the blossom as a living organism "understands" the severance from mother earth, thus losing its properties by wilting.

Once macerated fresh flowers of feverfew in high quality organic olive oil cold pressing , creating the famous balsam oil. The collection of balsamic herb is in organic balsam's grassland at an altitude of nearly 1000 meters in the area of Meteora .

If you take into consideration that our product is based exclusively on St. John's Wort and oil without the slightest impurity can see that this is a guarantee for its dissemination to the uninitiated.

The wort panacea for a wide range of diseases , known since ancient times for its beneficial properties . The Spartans used it for their healing properties on wounds from the sword hence the second name of sedge . St. John's wort , st.john 's wort oil is still two of the names circulating in the world literature . Hippocrates , Paracelsus and Galen recommended for many patients.

The properties of balsam are multiple and confirmed for skin conditions , dry skin , herpes , acne , psoriasis.

Last proved to be highly beneficial for people at bedtime and in patients undergoing radiation to avoid wounds and burns .

Remarkable results have to massage for sciatica and back pain, rheumatic pains and muscle injuries athletes. For cramps , aches , psyxeis, neuralgia , migraines . For each type of wounds , injuries , inflammations , swellings and burns ulcers . It is analgesic , anti-inflammatory , healing .

Recommended a teaspoon at night for mild and moderate depression .

One teaspoon on an empty stomach at night is highly recommended for ulcer, the colitis , painful digestion , acid reflux , sour , heartburn , stomach pains n bowel and constipation .

It works as an excellent cosmetic facial and body with labeling that will be used during the evening hours because the light and the sun create stains on the skin .

Ideal for any therapeutic or relaxing massage , can be enriched with essential oils , as appropriate , or combined with other oils ( eg, almond oil , avocado oil , etc. ) .

In domestic animals, one application on the hair is sufficient to remove lice and ticks said odor .


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