Natural cosmetics with organic ingredients

The power of nature in one drop!

The power of nature in one drop!

Welcome to the "DIMITRA" natural cosmetics with organic ingredients website.

The story of the company “Dimitra” begins the year 2011, when we created our first natural products, based on the ingredient St. Wort Oil, cultivated in the area of Meteora, located at an altitude of 1000 meters, in certified organic farms.

With the passage of time, our company has created a line of products, combining St. Wort Oil with natural extracts, essential oils and bee products.

The company in association with our qualified scientific collaborators, having excellent raw materials in their hands, they are constantly evolving and improving their products, by balancing the technological means being used and the traditional production techniques, so that they are able to meet the high expectations of the market.

All our products are 100% natural compositions of certified organic extracts, herbal oils and bee products. They are paraben free, no disinfectants use or radiation and not tested on animals. 

You can navigate to the site of "Dimitra" balsam, read about the miraculous properties of our products and see each product in detail.